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5 reasons why Tennessee will beat West Virginia

As Tennessee prepares to take on a highly rated West Virginia football team this Saturday in Charlotte, we break down the deciding factors on what will give Tennessee the best outcome of this game. I’ll be giving my 5 reasons Tennessee will win the game

1. West Virginia defense

While the vols didn’t have the best defense that volnation has seen last season, West Virginia’s may be equally as bad if not worse. Being in the BIG12, WVU fits the narrative of being an offensive heavy team. Out score your opponent and who cares about defense. Along with that, WVU is left with only 5 scholarship CBs after the injury bug bit them earlier in summer and fall camp.

2. Will Grier ranks near the bottom when pressured

It’s obvious what Tennessee wants to do and that’s put pressure under Will Grier. He ranks 37th out of 40 draft eligible quarterbacks when being pressured. Forcing throws and making tons of mistakes is often overlooked by the media but is very prevalent with Grier. Tennessee’s defensive line is loaded with 4 and 5 star talent and if they can get to the backfield and pressure Grier that will be a recipe for success.

2. Dana holgersen below .500 vs power 5 with winning record.

The title speaks for itself, Dana holgersen is an average at best coach. Being at WVU since 2011, Dana has recorded an 11-30 record vs power 5 teams with a winning record. Now I know Tennessee technically doesn’t have a winning record but it doesn’t change the narrative that holgersen isn’t a very good coach when facing a power 5 school.

4. Tennessee’s Talent rating is way higher than WVU

Now I know recruiting rankings mean absolutely nothing unless they’re coached up. I also know that there are exceptions to every stat, but when breaking down Tennessee’s average recruit rating on the offensive side of the ball, their rating averages up to be a 92.75. When matching up with West Virginia’s defense, which is rated only a 84.27, it is staggering to see the difference in talent level between these two. Same goes for Tennessee’s defense vs WVU offense, which is very surprising in my opinion. Tennessee’s defense comes in at a 92.98 and West Virginia’s offense comes in at a 85.45. The last staff at Tennessee failed miserably with development but I believe the new staff will take advantage.

5. Total new team for the vols!

As we head into opening week for the vols, we look to look past last season. Lots of media members are writing off the vols fairly quickly but I don’t think that should be the case. The vols return several guys from last year but more importantly they bring in several that didn’t play for Tennessee last season. Keller Chryst, madre London, Brandon Kennedy, Dominick wood Anderson, and jauan Jennings all join the vols on offense and didn’t play for them last season. Whether it be by transfer or returning from an injury, the vols bring in several guys that will contribute early. More importantly all these guys have college football experience. Chryst coming from Stanford, London coming from Michigan state, Kennedy coming from Alabama, Wood Anderson coming in as the #1 juco tight end in the country and Jennings returning from injury the vols are stocked with guys who know what it takes to play big boy ball!

~Laray jenkins


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