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Admiral Schofield

Legends aren't born every day and many are created by chance and circumstance. Their prowess happens before our eyes often without us even knowing it. Last night Admiral Schofield's big three and dominate performance will go down in Tennessee basketball history as one of it's greatest moments.

A man who was to small for schools like Duke and North Carolina has shined larger for Tennessee than anyone would have ever thought possible. A true Tennessee Grit and Grind style player. A man who's heart and drive fall second to none. In one of the darkest hours of our football programs history no athlete at the University of Tennessee is currently shinning brighter. But who is Admiral Schofield?

Did you know his older brother, O'Brien Schofield, was a NFL linebacker who won a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48? Maybe we need to see if Admiral is interested in helping out the football team this year in our mist of woes.

Admiral and his older brother O'Brien Shofield

He attended Zion-Benton Township High School located in Zion, Illinois (a suburb of Northern Chicago). A small town with a population 22,866 the success of the Schofield family can largely be contributed to their up bringing from their loving parents. Admiral's father, Anthony Schofield, served 24 years in the United States Navy and couldn't have been a better role model for his children.

Every number his father ever wore, he wore. Everything he learned, Admiral, contributes to his father. He has said that his mother (Dawn Schofield) and father would record every game he played and whenever his father wasn't away on leave he would go over the film with him helping him grow as a player and a man.

Admiral was born March 30, 1997 in London England in the same hospital that Princess Diana gave birth to both William and Harry.

Did you know not only was Admiral a basketball star in high school school but he also ran track and played QB for Zion-Benton Township High School.

The season is still young for Admiral Nelson and the Tennessee Volunteers Men's Basketball Team. But it would seem we are poised for one of the greatest runs in school history. It's hard to believe last season Schofield almost declared for the draft. Our season would already be so different without him.

He is the heart and soul of this team, and if Grant Williams hadn't fouled out against Kansas there is a chance we are undefeated and currently the number one team in the nation. His play style is dirty. He is tough, strong, and a warrior in the paint. Our season rests largely on his shoulders. I have complete faith in Admiral and this basketball team. Hopefully you do as well.


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