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By: The All Vol Call in Show Staff


John Dunn

Founder, Managing Director, Editor, Host

This will probably be the shortest prediction piece we've ever thrown together collectively. This is a glorified practice game. I am happy that they will honor Pat Summitt. I hope to see some of the back ups in the game by the third quarter, but have grown to understand that for some reason, it just doesn't work like that anymore. Tennessee wins this one with ease.

Prediction: Tennessee - 45 | UConn - 7

Dallas Bowlin

Senior Staff Writer, Junior Editor, Content Manager, Co-Host

Let’s be honest here-- it’s UConn. Tennessee should be able to hand the ball off every play and win by three scores. We should see the younger guys in the second half, and if not something has gone horribly wrong.

Prediction: Tennessee - 42 | Connecticut - 7

Joe Davis

Junior Staff Writer

I have been writing for AVCIS for a couple years now. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and hope to continue with the site. This is a good group of guys and they're fun to just talk trash with. Dallas is an incredibly hard worker, Trevor is smart and funny, Strickland seems like a really good dude and John really needs to think about shaving his schedule down before it puts him in an early grave. In my experience these guys are all good to the people around them and I'd go to bat for any of them. To you the reader: thanks for being here and hanging out with us.

As for Saturday; Coach Summit would enjoy this one.

Prediction: Tennessee - 59 | UConn - 14


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