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BRINGING THE HEAT: Tennessee recruiting heats up in July

By: Darrell Winstead


The All Vol Call in Show


The Tennessee football team | Photo: VolReport on Rivals

The month of July truly kicks off the summer! From the 4th of July parties to family vacations, the beginning of football season is just around the corner and things are heating up. Speaking of football and heating up, July has been full of recruiting fireworks for the Vols. For the past two years Tennessee has been redhot on the recruiting trail in the month of July. This year is no different as the Vols received five commitments this month and four of those have come from players with 4★ rankings and up.

Just like last year, the Vols were hovering just outside the top ten, then the calendar turned to July and Tennessee springboarded (from 12th to current spot of 9th by On3recruiting service) into the top ten. Not only have they moved into the top ten overall, the Vols now currently have the 4th best class in the SEC, behind Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.

The Vols are finishing the month strong with commits from five-star stud WR Mike Matthews and instate four-star LB Edwin Spillman. Sprinkle in commitments from four-star OL William Shatterwhite and three-star DL Carson Gentle and it’s clear to see the Vols love the July heat.

As you can see it’s not just a quantity class but a quality class overall, as the Vols currently have one five-star and eleven four-star recruits that have committed to them. Tennessee has has received a ton of help in getting these players to commit, from four-star ATH Boo Carter who has been one of their biggest advocates and has been instrumental in helping the Vols land these big recruits.

There is just a few days left in the month and maybe Tennessee can grab another commit or two and really cap off what has been a terrific recruiting month. Football has become a non-stop business and everything is on the table for these recruits and it’s important that the Vols keep their seat at the table. Last years recruiting class set the stage and this years class took it to another level. Enjoy the fireworks as Tennssee Vol football is as hot as that July BBQ!


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