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BYE, BYE, BYE: Tennessee's path to success following a much needed BYE week.

By: Dallas Bowlin

Senior Staff Writer, Content Manager, Junior Editor, Co-Host

The All Vol Call in Show


Photo | Tennessee Athletics

As the season began, the anticipation was palpable for the Tennessee team, with hopes of maintaining an unblemished record at 5-0 leading into its bye week. However, reality has unfolded differently, with the team currently standing at 4-1, facing the same pressing questions that loomed at the start of the season. While all is not lost, winning the East division remains a viable goal, but certain adjustments are essential for achieving it.

Joe Milton's Dilemma: Balancing Risk and Precision

Against South Carolina, Joe Milton's performance was a mixed bag. He showcased his potential with an unforgettable throw to Squirrel White at the end of the first quarter. However, he also threw two head-scratching interceptions that showcased poor decision-making. The South Carolina game encapsulated the young season's theme: Milton's ability to take calculated risks downfield with head-scratching decisions. For Tennessee to thrive in the second half of the season, Milton must strike a balance. While taking chances and shots downfield is essential, he needs to refine his precision and minimize high-risk plays. This adjustment will help an offensive line that seems to be finding its footing, creating more opportunities for game-changing plays.

Wide Receiver Woes: Filling Jalin Hyatt's Void

Losing Jalin Hyatt was anticipated to hurt, but the extent of the impact wasn't entirely clear. Unfortunately, the wide receivers have struggled to step up. Dont'e Thornton, who garnered significant preseason hype, has yet to make a substantial impact. As of now, he has managed just seven catches for 89 yards and zero touchdowns. To put this in perspective, at the same point last season, Hyatt caught 27 receptions for 388 yards and five touchdowns.

Matching or exceeding Hyatt's stats was a tall order, given his exceptional talent. Nevertheless, Thornton and the rest of the receiving corps must contribute more to the Tennessee offense. They need to create explosive plays and become dependable targets for Milton if they wish to remain contenders.

Defensive Dominance: Sacks and Tackles for Loss

On the defensive front, the recipe for success is clear: replicate the performance against South Carolina. Tennessee currently leads the nation in sacks with an impressive tally of 22 and ranks fifth in team tackles for loss. This defensive prowess has been a highlight of the season. Sustaining this level of dominance will be pivotal. Consistency in generating pressure on opposing quarterbacks and disrupting plays behind the line of scrimmage can help secure victories in crucial match ups down the road.

Discipline: The Penalty Plague

As a team, Tennessee must address its penalty problem. Currently, they are among the most penalized teams in the country, accumulating 36 penalties for 300 yards. Penalties not only disrupt offensive rhythm but also provide opponents with advantageous field position. Reducing these is crucial for both offensive and defensive success.

Conclusion: The Road Ahead

In conclusion, Tennessee has the potential to remain a strong contender for the division championship. Balancing Joe Milton's risk-taking, revitalizing the wide receivers, maintaining defensive dominance, and reducing penalties are the keys to unlocking success. While challenges will persist, the team's journey is far from over, and with the right adjustments, they can still achieve their goals.


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