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Cade Mays... It's Personal.

Cade Mays, two time Mr. Football winner, picks Georgia over Tennessee and other schools.

I know Vol fans haven't forgotten this past National Signing Day....

On Facebook Live, local news, all sorts of alternative media outlets, Knoxville native and son of former UT OL, Kevin Mays, smugly takes his shirt off while picking Georgia over his former team of commitment in Tennessee. Most fans at that point didn't expect him to come to UT once he decommited. Butch Jones had made sure to do irreparable damage to Tennessee with his slogans, injuries, and unfriendly offensive line system which seemed to be the most inconstant part of his tenure here.

But why did this sting so much? What made THIS different than other times local players have gone elsewhere? The desperate need for offensive linemen? The dream of Trey Smith and him making one of the best offensive lines Tennessee has ever seen? My answer is none of the above.... Nope none of that, but what you may ask?

Well it starts here...

"F*** Tennessee too." Not long after he chose to commit to one of Tennessee's oldest rivals, he celebrates by spending time in Knoxville with his buddies saying F# Tennessee, along with other SEC schools to be fair, a school he was once committed.

It would seem it's either immaturity or something personal happened we are not aware of. Either way it definitely left a sour taste in Tennessee fans mouths. That accompanied with the style of commitment change, the tweets that followed indirectly insulting Tennessee fans for hating on his decision on Twitter, just seems to have left a really salty/sour taste in Tennessee fans mouths.

I would understand if we were still at our former glory, but it seems all to much he is kicking us while we are down. Someone who is supposed to be a Knoxville guy.. played at Catholic, grew up right down the road from I-40 where most of us did. It's fine to make your decision and go where you have the best change to make it to the NFL and live out your dreams.. That's your right as a God given American, but to be a petulant child about the situation just seems uncalled for.

I noticed not long after his signing much more GA commits talking smack to Tennessee fans and players on social media at a higher and higher rate. It would seem very likely this could ignite our rivalry to even greater bounds than what preceded it. Or maybe this is just the latest chapter in many that is Tennessee vs Georgia. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure I can tell... It seems Cade Mays and Tennessee fans/players alike are taking this personal and it's going to be fun to watch it unfold in the next few seasons to come.


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