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How the Plavsic waiver denial reflects poorly on the NCAA.

The University of Tennessee got the answer to a long-awaited question on Saturday afternoon, when it was announced that the NCAA denied the immediate eligibility waiver request for Arizona State transfer, Uros Plavsic.

This decision comes just days after the NCAA granted the waivers of both Jemarl Baker and Quade Green, both formerly with the University of Kentucky basketball program, now with Arizona and Washington respectively.

Both players played for the Wildcats last season, yet both were granted immediate eligibility.

So, why did they deny Plavsic?

The answer remains unclear. The seven-footer didn't see a single possession with the Sun Devils before coming to Tennessee.

The University seems just as surprised as anyone else. University of Tennessee athletic director Phillip Fulmer said in a statement regarding the matter, "Uros Plavsic was denied clearance to compete with our men's basketball program this season, and our appeal of that decision also was denied. We are extremely disappointed – quite frankly, stunned – in this outcome, and feel strongly that very compelling facts support clearance for immediate eligibility. We are at a loss as to how this decision aligns with a mission of prioritizing the well-being of student-athletes, and we are struggling to provide an explanation to a deserving young man who stands to lose a year of eligibility. We will stand by Uroš and support him in every way possible as we exhaust all options in advocating for his competitive opportunity."

The university filed an appeal with the NCAA, which was denied -- again.

Just as Fulmer stated, this decision seems to go against the NCAA's mantra of "prioritizing the well-being of student-athletes". No matter how you look at it, it's a terrible look for the NCAA, who hasn't made any fans in recent years.

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