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Hugh Freeze Hire Would Show Change in Culture

We've all thought it, we've all said it. Tennessee seems to never make the splash hire that we all want. We hire Mid-Major Butch Jones and Derek Dooleys. We never shoot for the prettiest coach on the list, but we go for the ones that won't tell us on. Hugh Freeze could change that culture.

He improves programs. He has track record of winning. And MOST importantly he has a track record of beating the notorious Alabama with Nick Saban as a head coach. He seems to be able to do constantly what nobody else has been able to do. And that was with a lower tier SEC program like Ole Miss. Imagine what he could do coaching someone like Tennessee as an offensive coordinator. It would show with Fulmer as an athletic director we are truly shooting to be a football school again no matter what the cost. This will be a different Hugh Freeze. A man who wants to be a head coach can't afford anymore mishaps. The SEC wouldn't allow him an intern role at Alabama so if we can't get Hugh it might not be entirely our fault. But I think I speak for all our fans when I say, "We want to know the offer was there, and it was real."

We want to make the SEC tell us no. We want to make Hugh Freeze tell us no.

This would be a perfect 3-4 year stepping stone for Hugh. This could save our offense that felt like it could go nowhere but down this year. Big time players on the offensive side would want to play for him, and with him and Pruitt on the offensive and defense it would feel you couldn't of dreamed of a much better staff. He could be the savior of our offensive struggles. Struggles that only Josh Dobbs was able to avail despite god awful coaching.

But will Tennessee actual buck up and make the offer? I think Fulmer will, but will the University agree and follow suit? Your thoughts?


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