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Tailgate Weekend: Tennessee vs West Virginia, What to Do!?

A lot of great Tennessee fans will be attending the Tennessee vs West Virginia game in Charlotte, NC. So a lot of you may be asking what to do while you are there? Here is a quick list of things going on this weekend in Charlotte.

Midwood Smokehouse

An amazing BBQ spot all the locals and visitors rave about. Not only do they have a

delicious North Carolina BBQ, they also have things like an amazing Texas Brisket, perfectly cooked Salmon, Burnt Ends to die for, and my personal favorite Homemade Banana Pudding. If we had one of these back in Knoxville it would be hard to break me away from this place. If you're looking for a great bite to eat before or after the game there is no better place. You will regret if you don't stop by Midwood Smokehouse and try some of their perfected BBQ creations.

Brad Paisley and Kane Brown Kickoff Concert

Whats Southern Football tradition without a little tailgating and drinking. Country Legend Brad Paisley and East Tennessee local (Chattanooga, TN) Kane Brown will be kicking off the weekend right with a football celebration throw down.

There will be a mix between Tennessee and West Virginia fans all around and this concert could be a great chance to make friends to tailgate with on the next day.

D.D. Peckers

Normally I wouldn't give two food options but this place is too good not to try. Some of the best wings this side of the Mississippi, D.D. Peckers offers amazing drink prices, a patio view, and a great place to enjoy some old school pub food.

As a wing self proclaimed connoisseur, I find myself often very disappointed with wings when I get them places. At D.D. Peckers you won't have that issue. It won't leave you disappointed. A darker vibe bar shouldn't be mistaken for the amazing experience you will have at this Carolina hot spot. It is highly regarded as the best wing/bar spot in town. So for me this is a CAN'T miss.

Hattie's Tap & Tavern

The hardest thing about looking for something in a new city is finding the dive bars and hidden gems. This is a perfect spot to grab a drink. If dive bar's arn't your thing then this won't be your place, but if you're looking for a place to meet some locals while there for the weekend to submerge yourself in the culture a bit more, this is a must hit spot... But shhhh... don't tell anyone about it.

Sugar Creek Brewing

The big talk these days is Micro-brews. And I'll let their website speak for itself:

"Sugar Creek Brewing Company is bringing Belgian-inspired beer to the Carolinas and beyond. The Sugar Creek Brewing philosophy combines the watchful eye of a Trappist Monk with the technical precision of a nuclear engineer to craft fresh, full-flavored beers that are immensely satisfying and intensely drinkable. Using unique combinations of aromatic yeast strains, domestic and imported hops and award-winning malt varieties, Sugar Creek infuses traditional recipes with modern tastes and techniques to create beer that nourishes both mind and body. "

My personal favorite was the Sugar Creek Raspberry White Ale. If you want to take your friends and family to a place they will be talking about for years to come, this is that place. The game changer. Things to Know

  1. Make sure you know where you are parking. Belk College Kickoff is doing a thing with Spot Hero to ensure everyone can find a place to park. There are over 30,000 parking spots and between that and the local Transit System finding parking and your way around should be no problem at all.

  2. If none of the places we listed "POP" to you, checkout Facebook's latest App: Local. It gives you the chance to look up local event's going on in the area that may be more your style.

  3. Make sure to stay up to date with the stadium policies. They may not be the same as Neyland or other stadiums you are used too.

  4. Most importantly don't drink and drive. Uber is always the safer and cheaper option, and with it being a holiday weekend, plus college football kickoff, add in our wild and crazy fan base it's safe to say this is a weekend that you will get caught if you drink and drive.

Everyone play smart, play safe, and have a good time. This will be one of the best games of the season, and after we win it could be one of the best weekends of your life. Let's bring home the W. Go Vols!

- Michael Cameron Vandergriff


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