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There's something "Bru"-ing in Knoxville

By: Jake Hubbard

Senior Staff Writer, Junior Editor, Co-Host

The All Vol Call in Show


Photo | Avery Bane: Tennessee Athletics

Bru Mccoy was one of the most overlooked receivers last year, in my opinion. This is simply because he was overshadowed by the most impressive season posted by a Tennessee wide receiver in school history. When you think about the 2022 Tennessee football season, there are many big plays that come to mind… none bigger than the go up and get it catch that Mccoy made as time was winding down on October 15.

Besides the big play against Alabama, Bru Mccoy was an absolute stud for Tennessee last year. He is/was a sleeping giant, and I thoroughly believe that he has all the pieces to play on Sundays for a long time. He has a great build, he plays aggressive, and he catches the ball with his hands. Once he has the ball, two things are guaranteed: he is not going to let it go and it is for sure going to take more than one guy to bring him down.

Mccoy was second in line to only Jalin Hyatt last season, who rewrote the records books as a wide receiver. Last year Mccoy had several big games that have seemed to have gotten overlooked. Against Florida, he had five receptions for 102 yards and a touchdown. Against Missouri, he had nine receptions for 111 yards. Against LSU he had seven receptions for 140 yards. So Mccoy is throwing up big numbers against good defenses.

Mccoy is one of those players that you love to watch work. He is diligent, driven, and you can tell he loves to have the ball in his hands. With Hyatt gone and a new starting QB taking over, Mccoy will be seeing his share of work on Saturdays. He may not be a speedy guy like Hyatt or elusive like Squirell, but Mccoy wears #15 for a reason; he’s a dog. Look for Bru to have a huge season on Rocky Top.


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