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Top Recruits predict the Florida vs Tennessee game

As we prepare for the game Saturday, tons of predictions are being thrown around. From the likes of ESPN writers to local writers. This game is a big time rivalry game and may be the most important game in this series in a long time. As we grow closer to the weekend, I asked several current vol commits and big time targets their thoughts and score predictions for the vols/gators game Saturday. This is what they told me:

“I got tennessee 24-21. they finally got it figured out what they need to do. everything they have been working on has all come together”

~ 3 star TE Tennessee commit

Sean brown

“It will be a pretty good game. It will be a dog fight but I do think Tennessee will pull it out in a close one. My prediction score: 27-24”

~ 4 star WR Vol Target

Jalen “boobie” Curry

“I think it’s going to be a close one, 35-24 vols”

~ 4 star Safety Tennessee commit

Jaylen McCullough

“Tennessee 24 UF 7”

~ 3 star QB vols commit

Brian Maurer

“21-3 Tennessee 😬”

~ 4 star DT Tennessee Target

Charles Moore

“I think that Tennessee will play its best game so far this season, and I believe that the running game will open up on Saturday. Tennessee 28 UF 24”

~4 star OT Vols commit

Jackson lampley

As it seems, vol commits and targets seem very enthusiastic about where this staff is going and what they expect in the future. Let’s all hope for volnation’s sake that all these guys predictions are correct! Go Vols


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