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VOLUNTEER VOLUMES: Vol. 1, Ch. 3. Hannah Sawyer

The story of Hannah Sawyer, aka: Hannahsawy

By: John Dunn

Founder, Managing Editor, Producer, Host

The All Vol Call in Show


Hannah Sawyer's roots run deep into the hills of east Tennessee. Her love for the Vols runs just as deep. As a life-long fan, Sawyer's love for Tennessee began to burn even brighter when marrying her husband, Josh.

"My mother is where my passion comes from. She still has a picture of me from years ago at the "Vol Walk" when I was around six-years-old with Erik Ainge. That is probably my first real memory of Tennessee sports.

I really got heavily into Tennessee football in 2015 when Tennessee played Oklahoma. That's the first time I remember being like, "okay, yeah I am really into this." My dad took me to that game. It was the first one we were able to attend together. I had a broken arm and was in a cast. I remember feeling absolutely miserable when Tennessee lost.

My dad has had season tickets his whole life and really roped me into it. After that Oklahoma game, I got heavily invested. I ended up going to the Tennessee-Florida game in 2016 when the Vols broke the streak. It was amazing.

Josh Dobbs really transcended my love for Tennessee. Having grown into young adulthood, I felt like I had a much better understanding of the game and what it meant to be a Volunteer. He was and is the perfect embodiment of what Tennessee is all about. He is a great person on and off the field. He actually inspired me to get a tattoo. I went with the outline of the state of Tennessee with "Vols" script, and it has a tri-star as the "o" in "Vols". I ran into him a while back and was able to show it to him. It was an awesome experience.

For me, Tennessee sports is more than just wins and losses. For me, it's about the players. That class of players like Josh Dobbs, Jauan Jennings, and those guys were really just such good people. If you meet Josh Dobbs out somewhere, he's just as nice as anything and will talk to you like he's known you for years. They're just very good people and wonderful ambassadors for Tennessee. It's easy to look up to people like that.

I feel like Tennessee goes after that type of student-athlete. Someone that represents the university with pride. I am all about community and family, and that's exactly why I'm a Tennessee Volunteer."

Follow Hannah on X: (@Hannahsawy)


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