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VOLUNTEER VOLUMES: Vol.2, Ch.2 - Jayson Williams

The story of Jayson Williams, aka: The VFL Show

By: John Dunn

Founder, Managing Editor, Producer, Host

The All Vol Call in Show


A native to Las Vegas, NV, Jayson found himself living in the southeast United States without a college football team to cheer for. Captivated by the Tennessee atmosphere after attending a game, he quickly began to feel the big orange blood pump through his veins.

Williams also found an outlet for himself to express his new found love for all things Tennessee. He started a podcast called "The VFL Show" and has since grown very quickly on twitter, even claiming the "Twitter (X) Football League National Championship" as voted on by fans on Twitter.

"I grew up in Las Vegas. We lived there my whole life until a few years ago. I was really a blank canvas. My brother-in-law was a season ticket holder for Tennessee for many years and asked me if I wanted to attend a game in Neyland Stadium and see if I liked it. I had never been inside a football stadium that housed more than 20,000 fans or so. Looking at the schedule in 2021, I saw Ole Miss and I saw Lane Kiffin. I knew there was a little history in there, so I decided to go to that one for my first game. What a night.

We were walking the hill and I saw the stadium from the outside. I thought to myself that it didn't look that big from the outside, but the second I got inside that changed immediately. This place is massive. It is the biggest stadium I've ever seen; it's a cathedral. People began to funnel into the stadium for the pregame festivities. I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible throughout the game.

I saw two games in person that year: Ole Miss and Georgia. It was the fan base that hooked me. I have never met or been around fans that were so passionate in my life. It's like a massive family. I've become a massive fan of Calhoun's on the River. The atmosphere before and after the game is absolutely incredible. Everyone stays so amped up for the games. The kindness of the fan base is amazing. There are a few things in life you genuinely get to be a part of and this is one of them. I wouldn't trade this fan base or this team for anything.

Follow Jayson on Twitter: @TheVFLShow


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