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What this Florida/Tennessee game truly means...

As we head into week 4 in the college football season, Tennessee has found its way into a pivotal football game. This is without a doubt the most important game of the season. In a season where Tennessee looks to rebuild, it’s no secret that Jeremy Pruitt isn’t conceding defeat to anyone. So the question has he asked... Is this the most important game for the vols in the past decade? My answer is yes and here’s why. We all know for the past 13 years this rivalry has been one sided. 12 out of the last 13 times these teams have played the result has favored the gators. For Tennessee this has to change and now is the time to do it. Both programs are coming off 4 win seasons and both have new coaching staffs so there is no better time than now.

If you look at quarterback, Franks has shown he struggles with his decision making and going through reads. Guarantano on the other hand has show great improvement, including being one of the few quarterbacks to not have a turnover yet this season. Also being one of the most accurate. I highlighted this position specifically because that’s my key to the game. If you dissect both programs, the difference is evident. While Florida has a fun, dance around, all smiles staff and team, Tennessee is all about the business. You won’t find many photos or videos of Jeremy Pruitt smiling. On the other end of the spectrum, dan Mullen is dancing in his locker room and on the field. The difference is obvious, so which one will prevail. I go back to my original point. Tennessee has to take advantage of Florida’s down years and get back to the winning side. Now is the chance and the vols will look to gain momentum in this rivalry Saturday.


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