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What we know about the sec east week 2 edition

Week 2 of college football has came and went and we found out little bit about some teams. Today we’ll be checking out how each sec east team performed and what we learned about that team.


Week 2 was suppose to be a pivotal week for the bulldogs as they set out on a road trip to Williams Bryce stadium in Columbia South Carolina. The bulldogs would take on the hot South Carolina gamecock. A few people actually put Georgia on upset alert. The game started fast for the bulldogs with a quick pick 6, South Carolina battled back a bit but ultimately Georgia was able to roll South Carolina without any concern. We learned that Georgia is still in prime form and in great shape to make a run at the college football playoffs.


Mizzou had a battle against Wyoming this past weekend, and it showed us about the same that week 1 showed us. Drew lock is legit. There is absolutely no reason that critics shouldn’t be talking about drew lock as a legit contender to be one of the best quarterbacks in the sec maybe even the country. A lot of questions surrounded Missouri when they hired Derek dooley as their offensive coordinator, but they havent missed a beat. Putting up staggering number, I believe weve learned Missouri looks like they can compete for 2nd in the sec east.

South carolina

As mentioned above, South Carolina looked like they were in the best position to be the one to hand Georgia a big time upset. Unfortunately it just wasn’t the case. South Carolina went complete stale and wasn’t about to produce anything against the stout Georgia defense. I do believe South Carolina is still a good team but I do question whether they’re able to perform in big time games. We learned that although South Carolina has tons of weapons, coach muschamp still struggles to put up points on legit defenses.


Tennessee struggled tremendously on defense against West Virginia and it was alarming. Next up on the schedule was a less daunting opponent. East Tennessee came into neyland to battle the vols and there were more than a few things vol fans wanted to see. The defense smothered the bucs as the offense started off slow. A weather delay hit the vols again but this time it provided a spark. The vols came out flying forcing turnovers and scoring on special teams, defense and offense. I would say the game went as good as it could go and we seen several freshmen stats show out. What we learned from Tennessee is that the vols are very young but extremely talented. Jarrett guarantano showed that he is much improved at quarterback and is hands down the starter.


After dominating their first opponent charleston southern, Florida fans were very optimistic. Franks looked very good at quarterback, the defense was smothering and it was evident that the gators had talent. In week 2 against the Kentucky wildcats all that wasn’t anywhere to be found. Florida looked like you would expect a team coming off a 4-7 season to look like. After 31 years the gators had finally lost to the wildcats. Franks was unimpressive, the offensive line was abysmal, and the secondary was suspect. We learned that Florida is in fact not back yet and it will take time to rebuild a program coming off a bad season like they had last year.


The streak is over! 31 years was long enough for the wildcats. The ever so impressive ”terry touchdown” shredded the gators defense drive after drive. After a less than stellar week 1, Kentucky didn’t look that dangerous but they came out blazing on the road against Florida. In fact if it wasn’t for needless penalties and unfortunate turnovers, I think Kentucky should’ve won that game by 3 scores or more. We learned that Kentucky May in fact be dangerou. Their new quarterback is gonna be dangerous down the road and I believe Benny snell is one of the best backs in the league.


Week 1 started slow and closed great for vandy. Let’s be real here vandy is predicted to be the worst team in the entire sec. The first 2 opponents weren’t gonna tell us much about the commodore but I have to admit they are semi impressive. It looked like the game vs Nevada was gonna be a battle but vandy quickly took over and demolished to Wolfpack. In my opinion, we didn’t learn much about vandy. They are 2-0 so that is a good start but I don’t believe we’ll see to many wins in the future from Vanderbilt. Truth is we won’t know exactly until we see just exactly how vandy stacks up against an actual power 5 opponent in which they play this week against notre dame.

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