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Who Is: Jim Chaney?

By: Cameron Winfree

The All Vol Call in Show

One of the biggest off-season moves for the Tennessee Volunteers was the addition of OC, Jim Chaney. Many people remember him for his prior stint at Tennessee, from 2009-2012.

Those weren’t very memorable moments in Tennessee football history, but to judge Chaney's ability based on that span would be inaccurate. The level of talent during the span was less than what the Vols were accustomed to.

Looking at what Chaney has accomplished since leaving Tennessee is pretty impressive. He went onto Arkansas, Pittsburgh, and then Georgia.

His brightest spot other than coaching at Georgia, was leading the Nathan Peterman offense at Pittsburgh, who had NFL draftee Tyler Boyd.

The offenses that Chaney was able to cultivate at other universities are what Tennessee needs the most right now. They are simple and balanced. His history with QBs cannot go unnoticed. With players such as Drew Brees, Tyler Bray, Nathan Peterman and Kyle Orton under his guidance at one point or another, he has coached multiple NFL-level quarterbacks.

One of the most exciting aspects of Jim Chaney’s offense is the spread split-zone offense he uses. These types of offenses are very well balanced and are intended for both dual-threat quarterbacks and pro-style quarterbacks.

Tennessee, in the past, has found success running zone read plays. These types of plays can keep defenses on edge. If a quarterback makes the proper read, an inch can become a mile. Jarrett Guarantano's decision making has certainly improved to the level of which is necessary to be a successful SEC quarterback.

This type of offense can really open up the run game, if the correct reads are taken. However, one aspect of the zone read that alleviates stress on the offense, is the passing game.

Constantly putting WRs in motion and on slant/go routes with these zone read plays can lead to chunk yardage throughout the game. These types of offenses are suited for wide receivers who are very fast and elusive.

Tennessee’s lack-luster offensive line caused a lot of turf time for Guarantano last season. They're expected to be much improved this season, which will lead to positive gains for the entirety of the offense.

Guarantano showed flashes of being an excellent down-the-field passing quarterback last season with Marquez Callaway being the beneficiary of the long-bomb most of the time.

Chaney’s previous offense at Tennessee was a pro-style deep passing offense. It was successful previously, but Chaney suited the offense to fit with the personnel he had.

If Chaney twists his playbook to play to the strengths of Guarantano, Tennessee should see a dramatic increase in offensive productivity.

Chaney is considered to be one of the brightest offensive minds in all of college football.

Overall, Chaney and his offensive mindset, as well as familiarity with Tennessee, should help the Vols improve dramatically on offense this season.


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